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tv   News Ch8 Mid- Day at 11AM  NBC  October 20, 2016 11:00am-11:59am EDT

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you can have that one back. i will keep this one, okay? >> i don't know if that was a question. i don't think you actually asked me anything. [laughter] >> no, the news is next. bye-bye. a heated presidential debate as we are 19 days away from the election period stage between hillary clinton and donald trump. >> from everything i see it has no respect for this person. >> that is because he would rather have a puppet for the president of the united states. >> who won? how voters are reacting to the shocking moment . strachan inmate takes a corrections officer house that. how it have end and the new charges the inmate faces.
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spraying happens tonight. good morning.>> thank you for joining us. >> we're using max defender 8 with all of its million watts of power to scan the sky and it is showing is all clear locally. i can barely even find a cloud. because our radar is so strong we can baldly over to the east you could see some of though showers coming in off the atlantic ocean starting to make there way off to the west. running keep it at 10 percent rain chance especially for eastern pull county and highland county -- polk county and highland county. a great day out at the innsbruck harbor. blue sky. warm again with plenty of
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when a cold front comes through. it will not bring much rain. the winds will get a little stronger before the cold rock concert but then it brings back some fall we can weather for us, low humidity and sunshine. you will not want to miss the a day forecast. another vicious debate between hillary clinton and donald trump. the last presidential debate is over. this morning there was a reaction to donald trump saying he may not accept the election results if potts has more from las vegas. >> reporter: donald trump who has repeatedly called this election rigged declined twice to accept the results if he loses. >> i will tell you at the time. i will keep you in suspense. >> that is horrifying. >> are you serious? do think if someone is committing fraud base should accept the results regardless. >> to remember all gore in 2000? sack if the vote is fair i'm
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subsidence debates yet.>> that will happen automatically because i am putting pro-life justices on the court. >> i do not think united states government should be stepping in . >> reporter: there were moments of confusion. >> [ video playback ] >> reporter: and contention on russia's president. >> that is because he would rather have a puppet as president of the united states. >> reporter: subjects like leaked emails. >> the russian government has engaged in espionage against americans. >> reporter: and sexual assault allegations. >> i didn't do anything. i think they won fame or her campaign did it. >> reporter: donald trump claim the latest offenses against isis is political. >> the only reason they did it is because she is running for the office of president. they want to look clock -- talk .
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on released tax returns. >> we have illegal immigrant that are paying more federal taxes that a billionaire. today their running mates and the obama there back in battleground states. donald trump and clinton will meet again tonight. both are speaking at the same charity dinner in new york. president obama is on his way to miami. this is a live look at joints -- joint base andrews as takes off in air force one. later today he will speak in the miami gardens to support hillary clinton and then at a dinner to support governors. before that he will travel to miami-dade college to encourage people to sign up for healthcare coverage under the affordable care act during an upcoming enrollment period. that enrollment period opens in less than 2 weeks on november 1 and ends january 31. we have more people
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enrollment for the affordable care act is expected to grow by 9 percent in 2017. the expect 3.5 million uninsured people to enroll next year and some 9.2 million are projected to reenroll. right now the poll county prisoner -- polk county prisoner of -- accused of escaping and then leading officials on a chase has his first court appearance today. >> the knife to overpower the corrections officer. david ross begin his -- escape in the early afternoon. he was on prison work detail. somehow he used a knife to take the corrections officer hostage, handcuff him, like his fellow inmates in a building and then take off in a city work truck. he made it all the way to st. peter's hurt before being taken down. >> they caught the guy. he was on the ground and 3
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saying don't move. he would pick up his head and kick his feet and they were saying don't move.>> reporter: the corrections officer is fine entering the arrest no deputies were injured. ross was considered to be a minimum- security inmates. he was in prison for forgery charges and sentenced to 5 years in prison in 2014. he now faces multiple charges in both polk and pinellas counties. ross was on the run for about 2 hours pinellas county judge at 1:30 this afternoon. we just got our hands on the 911 call from the kidnapping and we will bring those to you in our next half hour. in orlando man is spreading love by creating a memorial in honor of the pulse night club shooting victims. michael is the creator of a series of love the murals called the baltimore love hijacked. after learning what happened he decided to come back to his hometown to help. >> the first thing you want to
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like this he sometimes don't know how. >> he is doing what he knows how to do best and that is paint. the love mural is located across the mural -- street from the pulse night club here key is adding a flower around the word love to represent the 49 people that died in the shooting. area spring for mosquitoes is happening tonight in hillsboro county specifically the apollo beach area. from 7 until 11 hillsboro county mosquito control will be out is approximately 10,000 acres between big bend road and east college avenue and between us 41 and the bay. you can do your part to fight the spread of zika virus, drain any standing water around your home. that is were mosquitoes breed. 8 on your side is getting results for mosquito nightmare in new port richey. donna johnson claims her neighborhood is being eaten alive after a ditch flooded outside of her home sparking a
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the state, even the federal government and that is when she called 8 on your side and within minutes we got the county to test the water. >> you are the only ones to help me. it has been awful for me and my neighbors. >> after testing the water, the inspector told us the mosquitoes are most likely coming roaming area nearby since no larva were found in the ditch. he assured us the county will career sources hosting a big job fair in polk county. more than 50 employers looking to hire and will be at the heartland community church in winter haven. the event runs from 3:30 until 7 pm. it is free. there will be early entrance for veterans. the hillsboro county fair kicks off today. you can asked for a better forecast to enjoy it. leigh spann has a look at weather coming up. >> plus 80s on your side this morning answering the call of a
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and t-mobile users you may have some cash coming your way. why they are facing fines and refunding customers. that is ahead right here on news channel 8 today at 11 am. it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands. and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. morning -- kids that i did the right thing want able to tell my when it really mattered.
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we have back in the fair is in town. it is start today back the hillsboro county hillsboro county fairgrounds are in brandon. that is the place to be. >> we have great weather. it is starting to feel like fall out there this weekend so you would can enjoy -- so you can enjoy all the things that come along with the county fair . you can actually wear long sleeves especially at night. there are special events and a demolition derby. the hours vary day-to-day so check it out. the hours vary day-to-day so
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>> and there is food, lots of. >> you can do things like chocolate dipped bananas. you can go quite as a healthy -- quads i healthy . >> it is going to be the first cool weekend. it will be a little bit of a shock for us. we have been dealing with so many months of heat and humidity pick you get that cold front to come through ou >> good news here we're scanning the skies and getting the all clear from max defender 8 right now. there is barely even a cloud out there. with it's power it can see all the way over to the east coast as has been the case for the last couple of days. what is happening is the rain starts on the east coast and gets pulled into our area which is why i left it at a 10 percent rain chance for eastern
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have the slimmest rain chance. a few clouds, 83 degrees at 1 pm. or p.m. comfortable 86 and then 81 degrees still at 7 pm. after 7, once the sun goes down you are check outside, try to get away from his many lights in the city is possible. your meteor shower peaks overnight into friday morning. you only hindrance is there is a bright moon right now. is showing almost full. that keeping you from those. right now 78 in arcadia. 78 brooksville. 78 saint pete's. there is a breeze with when particles coming out of the north talk to northeast. a few places are getting a little gust year like an crystal river at 60 miles-per- hour. the winds coming out of these talk to northeast . by the afternoon it will be slightly above average by 2 or 3 degrees at the most. otherwise we will see the one
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tomorrow is where we really start to see a big change. a cold front thinks out means hour winds are going to pick up a little bit throughout the day on friday. even when this cold front arrives late in the day on friday there is not a lot of rain with it but certainly a change in our atmosphere. the other thing you will do -- we have this tropical wave out here in eastern bahamas . that will not get any work close to the coastline because the cold front will push it further away from us. that cold front not only for bringing in the cooler fall like air for the weekend, but it is also going to drive the tropical system away from the coast. even if it does develop no issues. i deserve some extra money for this a day forecast. it is a cool breeze on saturday, 59 sunday and monday morning. when people had off to work and school you will be wearing that fall outfit that has been sitting in your closet for forever. >> please leave your leather
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>> i know you ladies wait all year for the boots. >> you can wear them on monday. >> thank you we appreciate that wonderful forecast. accrues like 8th grader remains frustrated with an intersection outside of her middle school. she reached out to eat on your side after witnessing a crash in dangerous driving. we met up with her to see how we might be able to help. >> recently pasco coty create a plus like intersection in front of the high school. many local drivers are still not satisfied. >> the intersection of shady hills road as soft when ne and trailer drive. this 14- year-old says it needs the traffic light or an enforceable school zone. >> what seems to be the issue at the intersection?
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don't care about the speed limit they just plow through there. they don't stop. they are not aware of what is going on around them. >> i tested her concerns. there is a 35 miles-per-hour advisory sign, but it is not enforceable. i clocked vehicles going 60 mile per hours during school zone times. i also discovered in the past year there were 13 accidents within one mile and 3 at the intersection. so, why no enforceablschool zone? >> since the school a step school comes down the side street there is not really activity in front of the school . >> but school buses inter-from the main road and 7 miles away hudson avenue has a designated school zone although there are no schools on hudson avenue and there are other complaints. >> there is a blind corner. you can see the cars coming from the left when you try to exit the school. i see close calls every day. it is a bad road.
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traffic management. >> we will measure the volumes of the road and see if a traffic signal could be warranted at this location. >> in the meantime he says they will reevaluate the need for an enforceable school zone. >> he told me they will begin collecting data at the end of this month. 8 on your side will stay on top of this. we will find out what they are willing to do to help keep michaela and her athletes safe. >> >> i don't understand why the other streets of school zone but not the one running from the school. it is not as busy but some kids may walk around the location. >> some kids walk down but in general there are not many out there. the school buses turn off that seat -- street . if you go to hudson + -- hudson avenue it is a designated school zone but the school is not often hudson avenue.
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? >> a speed signed it has white with black can get it to give or but if it is yellow and has black writing it is cautionary. >> didn't know that. pull county will conduct the a traffic study at the site of a serious accident tuesday. a mother and her 7-year-old daughter were hit a walking to a bus stop. neighbors want lights and a sidewalk installed . the study will take a look at the amount of speed and whether sidewalk and lighting are needed. tesla is leaving off our consumer watch. a big announcement regarding driverless cars. the ceo says new tesla vehicles , the model s, ask and model 3 will come with hardware to make them fully solved driving when government regulations allow. this includes 8 cameras, dozen
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on top of the price of the car. by next year a tesla car will be able to drive from la to new york without the need for anyone to ever need to touch the wheel. t-mobile will pay a steep fine for telling customers that there data was unlimited when it actually was not. the fed say t-mobile reduced speeds for customers who he reused a lot of data but never told them how much data used would trigger those slower speeds. they have agreed to pay up or $48 million fi $48 million fine. listen to what pizza hut has come up with, pizza tattoo. >> they can actually order pizza for you. this is in the uk right now. it has a qr code embedded in the tattoo which is preprogrammed with your favorite pizza and your nearest pizza hut. tap the smart phone on the tattoo in either you can have the pizza delivered or you can
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>> i don't know who is going to support one of those. if you can use a good laugh you have to watch this next video. we like making fun of ourselves sometimes. we're talking about anchor from richmond virginia. he was trying to warn his viewers about a rice cooker recall when this happened. >> check your panties -- i think that was supposed to be pantries . >> i couldn't warn you thought -- thought it -- saw it. >> i don't know if that was the weather man in the back but the had the right idea because this thing is going viral. in his defense there was a typo so you know whose fault that is ? >> the producers.
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>> i don't know how that would ever happen in 25 years of tv. >> if i would have to mention all of the landmines brad puts in the show. we love you brad what it happen sometimes. >> yes, check your panties. >> could the city of cleveland get to major championship -- championships in one single year ? the first team to advance to the world series. we will take a look at there win, plus what is going on in the an lcs -- nlcs just ahead
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we are back with a look at sports. the champagne probably still glowing in cleveland right now. check out these guys. everyone got wet.
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first world series since 1997 though they haven't won a world series since 1998 -- 1948 . the clinching win -- the clinching win came in toronto not cleveland. you can imagine they got quite the home opener -- home welcome. they will face either the dodgers or the cubs. if you think cleveland has ed , they have nothing on the cause . the poor cubbies haven't posted a world series were hoisted a world series trophy in 116 years. 1908 was the last time. the had taught what -- the nlcs had 2 games last night . our rowdies are trying to make the playoffs.we really needed to win to keep our
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they fell 3 - 2. right now they are on the outside looking in but hope does remain. the final game is saturday night . coming up: some good news on the battle for mosul. we're taking you to the frontline
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try our new cinnamon pull-aparts for just 6 bucks.
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tens of thousands of people are making a mass exodus from the city of mosul an iraq. we will take you to the front lines coming up. american airlines has stomach waiting to do because a man boarded the wrong flight. coming up how the pastor said it happened in the moment he realized he and the airline made a big mistake.
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lawyer is trying to bring puppies into the courtroom. good morning, thank you for continuing with us for news channel 8 today at 11 am. it is a beautiful day. we're headed into the lunchtime hour. max defender 8 scanning the skies all over tampa bay. it is giving us that all clear. we are not finding any rain but not finding any clouds either. what a gorgeous fall morning. yellows have to count the number of clouds here. we have not the breed -- north east breeze at 8 miles-per-hour . this is the water vapor imagery. the bright red color shows you where the dry air is. it is not necessarily at the surface but up through the atmosphere. that is why the skies are so blue and we're not expecting to see so much rain. later this afternoon we will
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or 2 showers in places like highlands county and eastern polk county because it is bringing more strain off the atlantic ocean. it is generally drive. the breeze will continue to clear things out as we head through the evening hours. high temperatures over the next few days are taking a dip. we go from 86 today which is above average to 80 for tomorrow . a cold front comes through friday night. saturday and sunday will be nice. now to breaking news from a hostage situation and bartow. an inmate escaped taking a corrections officer hostage. take a listen. >> [ audio playback ] . there were 4 inmates that came running up to me that ron work detail. they said another driver kidnapped the officer and took off with him. these 4 inmates here are freaking out.
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the kidnapping. the inmate was later captured in pinellas county. the corrections officer was not hurt . >> [ video playback ] >> there is some intense gunfire on the out so it's -- outskirts they are trying to take back the city from isis control. the prime minister said the fight is going quickly than originally thought but still it could last several months. while the battle rages on, it is a civilians caught in the middle. families are fleeing in droves as the military offensive rains
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meeting this could be over sooner rather than later. us backed curtis and i rocky troops are tiding -- iraqi troops are tightening the noose on isis. isis has had plenty of time to appear for this fight. kurdish troops uncovered this well-equipped tunnel outside of mosul . ey also planted bombs in their path. isis is promising that america will suffer a humiliating defeat here. that is nonsense according to general gary for lasky. he says some isis leaders are now hitting the road. we're seeing leaders leaving mosul. i expect there will be a
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>> that is because unlike locally recruited isis fighters, the foreigners will have a hard time mixing in with the stream of civilians already escaping from the war zone. mosul is the second- largest city as well as an important strategic city because of its location near critical oilfield. now to other news: north korea tests fires another missile but it failed immediately after takeoff. you may remember on saturday north korea also tried launch the same type of missile . this morning's failed launch happen hours after the us and north korea -- south korea decided to get tougher on north korea missile test. this was the scene hours ago in the philippines. a super typhoon made landfall. power winds, floating in rain hit the northern side of the country killing at least 5 people. when it hit it had sustained
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sailors and later charged at him -- scissors and later charged at him with a baseball bat. the leader says officers failed to followprotocol and the mayor calls the shooting tragic and unacceptable. a portland firefighter is being held a hero for his actions during a national -- natural gas explosion . his efforts of likely save the lives and prevented injuries. he was one of the first to d mirespontes beforethe plosion. he walked up shops were closed and employees were out. when he reached the pizza shop that is when it happened, huge explosion. the aftermath as you see here. he saw woman standing on top of the pile of burning rubble where seconds before a building stood. we needed to get her away because the fire was coming behind her. it was becoming hard to see her. we didn't have much time to
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we couldn't wait for the latter we just needed to get to her so we started climbing up the pile to her and waved her down at the same time. he says 3 firefighters were treated at the hospital. one of them is still recovering after surgery. thankfully, no one died in the explosion. chicago parks shut off hundreds of drinking fountains because of high levels of lead higher than the epa standard of drinking water. 445 were outdoor fountains and 14 indoor fountains officials say the functions will be removed, replaced or repaired as needed. the source of the lead contamination has not been determined. american airlines has a problem on it's hands trying to figure out how they boarded a passenger for the wrong light. fernando was supposed apply -- fly from sacramento to los angeles didn't realize he was on the wrong plane until it was taking off in the pilot said it will be a clear fight to dallas
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>> everybody was shocked, the crew, the people at the counters, the people at the doors. they had no explanation for what happened. what i don't understand is why they scan my boarding pass and i was able to go all the way to the plane. >> he says the 2 gates were right next to each other but he still confused how he was able to board the wrong flight. american airlines says it is looking into it and will contact him. a california district attorney is doing something un less emotional and less scary place for kids. starting this week, therapy dogs will serve as victim advocates for people who are emotionally strained or frightened to take the witness stand in fresno county courtrooms. some judges needed some time to warm up to the idea, but the dog's trainer says wh the first dog was brought in earlier this week to support a younger on thwitness th, the benefi -- stand , the
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when she would get upset they would call for a break. the dow would get up put his paws around her neck -- dog would get up put his paws around her face -- mac and lick her face . >> this is not a trial period they will now be a resource for fresno county going forward every day. now there is a difference between therapy dogs and service dogs. one similarity is they bring comfort to their owners but with thawork is her twitter picture of one service dog posing for his own caricature has been shared more than 50,000 times. >> the dogs name is yahoo and he is in training to be a service dog. if you have ever been to a disney theme park you know it is a massive test with so many things going on. there are lots of things to distract a dog but it looks like yahoo pass the test and has a great portrait to commemorate his visit to the
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coming up, what was supposed to be a moment of joy turned into a moment of disappointment. the european agency delivering the bad news, it has lost contact with it's new mars probe. with the epa thinks
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we are back on the thursday morning and i am already eyeing the weekend. >> we have been talking about the weekend since monday for multiple reasons but one of the biggest ones 3 because we know this cold front is going to come through. is hard to complain about what it has been like for the last several days. the mornings and evenings have been nice. it is a blue sky out there. is really transitioning out of our one season into are dry
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we have north east breeze coming in at 10 miles-per-hour. new port richey the flag is flying. it is 79 degrees with an east winds at 5 miles-per- hour. another nice picture at freedom plaza where it is 84 degrees. max defender 8 a showing the rainfall around our area. we'r way over to i-95. yes, there are a couple of showers trying to make there way west of the florida turnpike so i left in a 10 percent rain chance in the afternoon especily for those areas east of i 75. still it is really nice and comfortable. 83 at 1:. 86 at 4:00. 81 degrees at 7 pm right when the sun will set in temperatures will cool into the 70s pretty quick. 82 plant city.
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82 sarasota. obviously there is a big cold fron t. have been tracking it 4day as it continues to make it's way closer to us. i'm going to uses long-range forecast, mild afternoon. there is this area of low pressure. it is a tropical low and even if it develops here's what is going to happen, this cold order tomorrow. whether that system develops or not it is going to stay in the atlantic. that is 2 positives coming with will be a little cool on sunday morning at 59 degrees with some places in the mid-50s. it is going to be a perfect fall day on sunday with blue skies low
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degrees again. this is that cold front. it comes usually about the 2nd week of october and here it comes right on cue.>> are we having lunch inside or outside? >> don't do anything inside if you can help it. researchers in rhode island are studying expectant mothers to determine whether inducing labor at 39 weeks is best for the baby's help. this first first -- supposed to have her daughter on october 3, instead as part of a research study she was induced at 39 weeks. >> it is a study designed to answer the question, our babies healthy and if they are delivered at 39 weeks versus later in pregnancy? >> it flies in the face of conventional wisdom. that thinking may be shifting.
11:47 am
problems when they are born in the 39th week. >> doctor to write warehouse -- delight -- swight -- dwight says babies born at 40 or more weeks are at risk for complications. >> they may need to be admitted to a neonatal intensive care unit. we have enrolled about 270 patients. and they are still enrolling. are eligible for the study which is over the age of 18, non-complicated pregnancies for both mother and baby and also first-time mothers. >> allison said the bill and received a call from tracy days before her 30 a week appointment. >> me my fianci thought about it overnight and called back and said we would do it. >> those who agreed to participate are randomized into
11:48 am
into labor naturally and those induced at 39 weeks. >> i do want more children so i figured if it was going to benefit other women/myself that it would be a good idea to be a part of the study. and we are working hard to reach our goal of raising $100,000 but we need your help. go to walk to join my team and donate. fucchilo is matching the first -- kia is matching the first
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some disappointing news for the european space agency. it has lost contact with it's mars probe. they think something went wrong when the pair should ejected. it doesn't mean the mission was a failure. the mars lander sent back a wealth of data which helps them prepare for future mission to the red planet. we also learn nasa had a's own malfunction. they lost the main computer and science instruments on the juno spacecraft which is orbitin spacecraft was due to make orderable past -- orbital path. all is and loss, they noted juno has restarted and the space craft is healthy. the next passes happening in december. straightahead: we have 2 different types of heroes, but both have one thing in common, the internet love them. plus, there is one more election for president coming up next month. we take you to
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where back if the current election cycle has you mad it is nothing going like -- nothing like what is happening in alaska . at the alaska zoo they are trying to pick a president as well. the polar bear is getting the cold shoulder from voters. the zoo. is it has raised almost $15,000 and is collecting ballots in donations until election day now to the heroes we promised. >> first there is a florist 8 trooper the save the bald eagle after being hit on an in-state. this is video of the trooper driving toward the eagle. he gets out picks up the bird and puts it in the back of his
11:54 am
trooper then called animal control and got him some help. amazingly the eagle had no broken bones. they believe the eagle will live to fight another day. >> he received several puncture rooms but he continued on, reposition bear hugged the eagle and was able to get them in the car. >> the trooper may have gotten a scar but says hehas no regrets about this. our next hero deserve but she is certainly the one we need. it is an epic school picture. this 3-year-old chose her attire for picture day and she made the most fashionable kid in her preschool class and also made her a star on the internet. her father says he just couldn't say no to his little girl's choice of outfit and
11:55 am
for her heroic fashion sense. the family has done some cos play at various events. beautiful picture we're showing you right out of our wfla tower camera. it is on the up to 83 degrees. it is warm today but comfortably we will be right around 86 for the afternoon with only 10 percent rain chance. if you're looking to grab out your superwoman cape, 59 degrees saturday night and 59 sunday night. that is what you have been waiting on. thanks for joining us on this thursday morning. we will
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amendment 1 guarantees your right to generate your own solar energy. it also guarantees that those who don't choose solar don't have to subsidize those who do. amendment 1 means commonsense consumer protections safeguarding seniors-and all floridians from scams, rip-offs, and long-term contract traps. that's the right way to do solar. amendment 1: good for the economy. good for the environment. good for florida.
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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody! you have made it to thirsty thursday. it is thursday, october 20th. that is "uptown funk" by bruno mars. there's a reason we're playing it today. bruno mars and mark deserve a congratulation, that song is


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